With the purchase of a personal training schedule, a training card, a BLN.Athletics membership or a drop-in tariff, the contract for the agreed services is concluded. After receipt of payment, BLN.athletics' services can be used to the agreed extent. With an account with the external provider Eversports, appointments can be made online. Personal training appointments can only be made in person and during times when there are no BLN.Athletics courses taking place. A membership, a training card or a drop-in tariff entitle you to participate in BLN.Athletics group training to the agreed extent, excluding paid special courses. After receipt of payment, the services offered by BLN.athletics can be used to the agreed extent. The course dates are currently announced on the website (www.blnathletics.de) and via the Eversports app. BLN.athletics reserves the right to close on all public holidays and up to a further 10 days a year due to renovation or other urgent operational requirements, without entitling the customer to reduce its benefits. Members will be notified of the dates in good time in advance by posting them. The number of participants in the courses is limited, which is why prior online registration is required for course participation. Registration for group training is mandatory due to the low number of participants (see below: “Cancellation”).


Payment for the agreed services is made in advance; in the case of membership, contributions are collected exclusively via SEPA direct debit mandate; training cards (10er, PT) can also be paid online or on site by card. Drop-in rates must also be paid in advance, online or on site. For memberships, the account holder registered in the direct debit mandate authorizes BLN.athletics to collect contributions from his account by direct debit. At the same time, the account holder instructs his bank to redeem the direct debits drawn from BLN.athletics to his account. BLN.athletics uses Eversports and Stripe (payment providers) to manage and bill memberships. This also includes the collection of membership fees. Eversports requires confirmation for this in order to be able to activate automatic membership fee payments. Upon conclusion of membership, the contractual partner therefore undertakes to provide this confirmation in the email sent for this purpose by clicking on the appropriate link. In the event of any direct debit not redeemed or returned due to lack of coverage or unjustified revocation, BLN.athletics is entitled to calculate the costs of €10.00 for the bank chargeback and processing and to collect these automatically with the next direct debit.


Personal training appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the respective appointment. The cancelled hour is automatically credited back to the hourly quota. If the cancellation is too late, the quota will be charged by the respective hour. Depending on the type of course, group training appointments can be canceled online up to 6 hours before the start of the respective appointment. If 3 appointments booked within one month are not canceled on time, BLN.athletics reserves the right, as a sanction, to delete all advance bookings made by the contractual partner up to this point in time. The contractual partner is free to book available appointments again. BLN.athletics reserves the right to cancel group courses that have only 3 participants 1 hour before the start of the course.


For safe participation in all courses offered by BLN.Athletics, every new member (contract or training card) is required to complete the “trial trainings/BLN.basics” offered. New members who have completed an entry-level program in another CrossFit Box or have already trained there for at least 3 months can, after personal consultation and assessment of the head coach, skip the “trial trainings/BLN.Basics”. Drop-ins are guests from other CrossFit boxes; they may only take part in the group courses with sufficient experience without attending the “trial sessions”. By signing the drop-in form, the drop-in customer declares that he has completed a trial training/entry-level program in another CrossFit Box or has already trained there for at least 3 months. There is no guided or supervised training in the so-called “Open Gym”, it is only possible to use the area and equipment. Online booking is also mandatory for trial sessions and the Open Gym and also counts as a regular login for training card holders.


With an unlimited membership, the contractual partner can book 1 per course category per day and use the “Open Gym”, but online booking is also required here. Paid special courses are not included in the unlimited membership. In the case of limited memberships, the contractual partner can make use of the BLN.Athletics course dates in accordance with the agreed weekly hourly quota. With a 2x/week membership, 2 courses can be booked per week, etc. Unbooked appointments expire at the end of the respective week (Sunday, 24:00) and cannot be transferred to subsequent weeks. Membership is personal and therefore not transferable (except in the event of a change of contractual partner, see “Transfer of Membership” below).


By purchasing a 10-card, 10 group training sessions (=10 logins) can be booked over a period of six months. Once the period of validity has expired, unused logins expire. The training cards are personal and therefore not transferable. DROP-IN RATES By purchasing a single session, 1 group training or 1 open gym training can be booked. The drop in is personal and therefore not transferable.


If the member is prevented for more than one month as a result of illness, pregnancy or military service, the contract may be suspended for the duration of the period of prevention upon presentation of a medical or official certificate, but only whole months (1, 2, 3, etc.) can be paused, not by the week. The start date of the break is arbitrary (example: 1 month break from 15.2. to 14.3.) The term of the contract is automatically extended by the period of closure. The request for closure must be submitted in writing within one month of the onset or knowledge of the disease/inability to exercise. If you move to another city, membership can be canceled at the end of a contract month upon presentation of a confirmation of registration from the respective city. If the trainee is prevented for more than one month due to illness/inability to exercise or temporary absence from home, the period of validity of the training card will be extended by the corresponding break. The request for extension must be submitted in writing within one month of becoming aware of the disease/incapacity to exercise or becoming aware of the imminent absence. TERM OF MEMBERSHIP The initial term of membership is either 1 month or 6 months. Membership can be cancelled by both parties with a notice period of 2 weeks or 2 months to the end of the initial period. The termination must be made in writing to BLN.athletics — LBJ Berlin GmbH, Kaskelstraße 21, 10317 Berlin. If there is no timely termination, the contract is automatically extended for the duration of the agreed contractual relationship. The notice period for both parties is then another 2 weeks or 2 months before the end of the respective contract. The right to extraordinary termination remains unaffected. Transfer of membership A transfer or sale of membership is only possible after consultation with BLN.athletics and only to persons who are not or were not yet members of BLN.athletics. BLN.Athletics charges 50.00 euros once for processing the transmission. It is not possible to transfer training quotas (see training cards).


An upgrade to a higher membership model is possible during the contract period at the end of each contract month. The contract period of 6 months then begins anew. A downgrade to a lower membership model is only possible in writing (email or post) at the end of the 6-month contract period with a notice period of 2 months before the end of the contract.


Since BLN.Athletics is a high-intensity performance-oriented workout, BLN.Athletics recommends that all people who want to use the services provided by BLN.Athletics have their sports fitness checked by a doctor of their choice. People with diseases of the cardiovascular system and people with damage or injuries to the musculoskeletal system are advised to fully restore their fitness for sport before starting training.


BLN.athletics is liable for intent and gross negligence and for damage resulting from injury to life, body or health. BLN.athletics is also liable for the breach of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) in accordance with legal provisions; insofar as liability is assumed for negligence thereafter, the obligation to pay compensation is limited to typical and foreseeable damage. Unless otherwise stipulated above, liability for damages and reimbursement of expenses — irrespective of the legal basis, in particular from breach of duty, tort and culpa in contrahendo — is excluded.


The detailed privacy policy can be viewed at any time at the counter or online at www.blnathletics.de. The customer is informed that BLN.athletics collects, processes and uses personal inventory and usage data in machine-readable form as part of the purpose of the contractual relationship. All personal data is kept confidential. The data will only be passed on to third parties for collection and credit assessment purposes. The contracting parties agree to keep confidential the information they become aware of in the course of the execution of the contract from the other party.